Katie is a sacred geometry jewellery designer, a crystal enthusiast and a trained energy medicine practitioner. Inspired by ancient civilisations and their knowledge of sacred symbols and crystal energies, Katie's healing modality has grown organically and intuitively with the use of crystals, energy medicine and studies of the human brain and mind. 

A Quote From Judy Hall ~ Author of The Crystal Bibles

'Crystals are a sensual and intuitive experience rather than an intellectual pursuit. They have a unique ability to absorb and transmute negativity into beneficence - and to interact with us energetically. Their ability to harness the power of our mind is truly incredible – they amp up the energy, boosting whatever we do. And it’s through handling them that we really connect to their magic.'

 Judy Hall, Author

Spending time and training with indigenous shamans, healers and fascinating people from all walks of life, Katie is a true explorer, passionate about human potential, supernatural abilities and higher states of consciousness.  An avid lover of our beautiful planet Earth with all her bounty and aliveness, Katie has been drawn to the healing powers of herbs and plants and has used essential oils and homeopathy to heal herself from dis-ease within the body and empower her immune system.  Combining healing scents and gemstones in her jewellery design ‘The Healing Locket’ is a wonderful synergy as Katie's able to share her passion for alternative healing modalities to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit in a creative, fashionable and fun way!

Our supply chain of manufacturers and suppliers are of the highest quality and purest intention.  We commission fair trade producers in Mexico for our Silver range and our Gold and TruBronze range is hand made in Britain by our licensed manufacturers who import fully traceable recycled metals and fair mined gold from the Sotrami mine in Peru.  The Doterra essential oils we retail are certified pure therapeutic grade and we use the Tiny box Company for our eco-friendly recycled packaging.

“To live harmoniously, we need to be supportive and helpful to all people, creatures, and plant life that share this earth with us. While "being of service" is part of being a good citizen of the world, it also feels good to help others. When we do something for others in service, without the expectation of anything in return, we are turning our actions into offerings.”

Katie Walker